IBYT Regulations



This is a translation of the original IBYT regulations in Flemish, transleted by Google translate, therefore some word might be different than they should.

Due to this only the Flemish version of the regulations can be the one to be used for the race.


Chapter 1 – General.


1. The competition.

International Belgian Youth Tour, hereafter known as the IBYT, is a three-day stage race for cyclists / cyclists in the following categories:

boys U13 born in 2006.

boys U14 born in 2005.

boys U15 born in 2004.

Girls U13 born in 2006, Girls U14 born in 2005, Girls U15 born in 2004.

Ladies Novices U17 born in 2002/2003.

Ladies Junior U19 born in 2000/2001

The competitions are driven individually.

The U13 – U14 and U15 girls all ride together in one race without boys, their results and standings will be made separately per birth year.



2. Regulations.

All matches belonging to the IBYT are held in accordance with the regulations of Cycling Flanders and Belgian Cycling. This competition regulation is additional to the regulations of Cycling Flanders and Belgian Cycling.


3. Permits.

During the entire duration of the IBYT, the permits of all participants are based on the competition secretariat.


4. Register – Participate

Registration of all participants takes place via the website www.ibyt.be

The registration of a rider via the website arrives at our competition secretariat and is confirmed in writing by e-mail to the rider, with the remark that

the registration will only be officially accepted if the rider has paid / paid the registration fee due.

The amount for participation is 28.00-Euro per rider of the U13 – U14 – U15 Categories and 38.00 – Euro for the Women U17 and Women U19 Categories.

The amount must be paid within 21 days after you have received an e-mail from the organization, if the rider is not paid on time, his place will be taken by another rider.

The registration is a fact if the registration fee has been received by the organization on the indicated bank account number of the club IBYT.

This is then confirmed by the organization to the rider via e-mail, and a number for his / her category is awarded.

The person concerned is then added to the list of participants.

Reimbursement of the registration fee can be 50% of the amount paid, if the rider requests via e-mail to cancel the participation up to a maximum of 1 month before the start of the contest, after which the registration fee will no longer be refunded.


5. Material.

In accordance with what is permitted in accordance with Cycling Flanders guidelines, the organization will use 2 neutral cars with spare wheels that follow the race during the ride of Sunday, July 8, for ladies U17 and U19.

For the U17 and U19 ladies this will be rear wheels with a 14 crown both for 10 speed and 11 speed. (Ladies U17 = 48X14 – Ladies U19 = 52X14.)

The jury will perform resistance checks at all times on all categories.




6. Maximum gear.

Below the maximum allowable gear per category.

U13 = 5.69m

U14 = 6.40m

U15 = 6.40m

U17 = 7.32m

U19 = 7.93m


7. Follow the competition

From a traffic-technical point of view, it should be avoided that cars or parents follow the racing caravan.


8. External points.

During the IBYT there are no way to acquire points or rights for any other classification than related to the IBYT.


9. Back numbers.

In addition to the provisions in the Cycling Flanders regulation for cycling, it is forbidden to reduce back numbers in any way whatsoever.

Back numbers must be applied in the usual manner as in all other Cycling Flanders cycling races, or in the manner indicated by the jury.


10. Starting times.

Start times are indicated in the magazine or are published on the starting places by or on behalf of the jury on the day preceding the relevant stage in the finish zone.

The lists are posted on the starting location and published online on www.ibyt.be

At the Friday time trial, the various categories start immediately, participants must be present at the departure 15 minutes before their start.


11. Opening event and awards

On Friday afternoon all participants have to pick up their back number and transponder at the Provincial Cycling Center in Hertogstraat 203/2 in Heverlee, this can be done from 13:30 hours until one hour before the last start of the time trial.

Returning back numbers and transponders on Sunday after the arrival of your race, you will also receive your cycling license / license.


The cycling center is located 300 meters from the start of the time trial on the military domain of Heverlee. (there is sufficient parking space near start time trial)

All honors after each match and the closing ceremony as mentioned in the program are part of the competition. The participants must be present.

During the honors, the riders to be honored must wear the attire of their club, team, club or selection.





Transponder / Chip.

Every participant is obliged to attach the acquired chip / transponder to the bicycle in the correct manner.

The chip / transponder must be mounted on the front fork as close to the axle of the front wheel as possible.

In the event of a defect (eg Empty battery), loss or theft, the license holder / participant is responsible and must pay for replacement (and re-registration) as soon as possible at his own expense.

In the event of loss, theft or failure to return the transponder after the last race, the participant will owe 100.00-Euro to Cycling Vlaanderen.

In the event that the bicycle has been changed during the race, as a result of which registration by transponder / chip is not possible, then the visual or videofinish recording will apply in the format of the result.

There is no protest against this.


12. Fraud Chip use

Any form of fraud (eg driving with the chip of another participant) will mean, for each party involved in / with this fraud (owner, user and / or everyone else) that the persons involved can be removed from the competition and any punishment from Cycling Flanders may increase.



Chapter 2 – Competitions.


During the IBYT, competitions of two different disciplines are ridden, namely time trial and road race.

For the use of the material / bicycles during these two parts, the regulations of Cycling Flanders apply, for the riders in the different age categories.

For the ladies Nieuwelingen U17 and Dames Junioren U19 use can be made of a racing bike with set-up wheel also called time trial bike. (For the ladies Nieuwelingen U17 regular wheels with a minimum of 16 spokes and with a maximum rim height of 30mm must be fitted here)

If a rider U17 or U19 finishes the time trial with a so-called time trial bike, she must ensure that the transponder / chip is mounted on the time trial bike and that she mounts the transponder on her road bike before the start of the first road race.

All boys and girls, U13 – U14 – U15 will ride the time trial on a regular official road bike, wearing a time trial helmet and aeropak is allowed for all categories.


Foreign participants will sign up with the following documents when picking up their numbers and signs of the starting sheet on Friday:

– An admission from the federation of their country to participate in competitions in Belgium in 2018.

  – A Calendar card 2018 obtained from Belgian Cycling and to be requested via www.belgiancycling.be

A valid cycling permit obtained from their national federation for 2018.


For the road races of Saturday and Sunday, the maximum backlog of the last riders will be determined by the jury during the race.

Riders of all categories who have been removed from the competition by too great a gap by the jury will be classified in the results at the place where they are currently in the race.




Protests must be submitted in writing to the jury at the finish immediately after arrival.

Protests concerning the classifications can be reported to the jury after publication of the classification in question.


Starting order time trial:

At the time trial there is a random set-up of the start order, the first category that starts is the U13 girls, rising up according to age up to the U19 ladies who start last.

Starting position at the road race:

Riders who race in a jersey issued by the IBYT regarding a classification, may start at the front and thus compete for the peloton.

So all carriers of jumpers and thus leaders of rankings will be drawn up in front of the pack.

All riders are required to sign the starting list 15 minutes before the start of each stage, which will be at the starting zone and possibly undergo the resistance check.


Chapter 3 – the classifications.


1: The Jersey`s


During the IBYT Word there fought for 4 classifications


1: Yellow jersey = General classification

2: Green jersey = Points classification

3: Polka Dot = mountain classification

4: White jersey = Best first year (only U17 and U19 ladies)


Should a rider take the lead in several classifications, he or she will wear the jersey of the highest indicated classification as ranked above.

In the lower ranked ranking, the rider who is second will wear the leader’s jersey, provided he does not lead to another classification. If this is the case, the jersey will be worn by the third in that classification.

Wearing the leader’s jersey of each classification is mandatory.

After the time trial of Friday, the first leader will be awarded, these will be worn by the leaders on Saturday during the second stage.

On Sunday before the start of the last stage the new leader’s jerseys are handed out to the riders who have to wear them.

On Sunday at the closing ceremony, the final leader’s jerseys will be handed out on the final stage, the final winner of each classification will receive the jersey that belongs to that classification.


2: The Classifications.


With equal rankings in the final classification, the result of the time trial (time to one hundredths) is decisive for the place achieved.

In case of equality in the points classification (green jersey) or the mountain classification (polka dot jersey), the result of the final stage is decisive for the achieved place, with a tie in the final stage of the riders concerned, the time of their time trial will count.




General classification

The general classification is made on the basis of a total of points achieved during the 3 matches.

In each of the three games there are 100 points for the winner of the competition, 99 points for the second, 98 points for the third, and so on down to the last rider in the ranking.

The sum of the points earned after the three matches, is the total of the rider’s points.

The rider with the most earned points takes the lead in the general classification.

At equal points in the general classification, the rider with the fastest time in Friday’s time trial will be in that classification.


The general classification is drawn up per game day and published that evening on the ibyt website and / or facebook page. (www.ibyt.be or facebook: ibyt belgium)

Winner of the IBYT is the rider who leads after three stages in the general classification for the yellow jersey.


Points classification

During the two road races of Saturday and Sunday a number of intermediate sprints will be announced at the arrival line, before the green jersey, here you can start sprinting for points.

The first 5 upcoming riders in these intermediate sprints will receive points that are:

6 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 points.

From these sprints a total ranking is drawn up that is drawn up and published per day on the IBYT website and / or facebook page. (www.ibyt.be or facebook: ibyt belgium)

In which rounds there will be a sprint for points, the jury will inform the riders before the start of the race.

In case of equality in the points classification (green jersey), the result of the final stage is decisive for the place achieved, with a tie in the final stage of the riders concerned, the time of their time trial will then count.


Polka dot jersey

During the two road races of Saturday and Sunday, on top of a number of climbs points will be given to the first 3 riders / riders coming up:

5 – 3 – 1 points

The place where the points are given will be marked by a white line across the road, and 2 flags along the sides of the road, also 150m for the measurement of the mountain price there will be a sign with BERGPRIJS on it.

Where and when points for the mountain prize will be given will be announced again by the jury before the start.

In case of equality in the mountain classification (polka dot jersey), the result of the final stage is decisive for the place achieved. In case of a tie in the final stage of the riders concerned, the time of their time trial will then count.


White jersey.

Sweater for the best first year rider with the U17 Nieuwelingen ladies and also with the U19 Junior ladies.

The white jersey is awarded to the first rider in the general classification of the birth year 2003 with the U17 ladies Nieuwelingen and from the year of birth 2001 with the U19 ladies Juniores.

In the event of equality in the result, the place achieved in the final stage is decisive for the classification, with a tie in the final stage of the riders concerned, then the time of their time trial will count.


A rider who scored points during a race for a classification, but did not complete this race entirely, loses his points of that day.

In order to qualify for a final classification, the rider must complete the 3 games until the finish.


Team Ranking price.

If there is more than one team in a certain category with at least 3 goers at the start, then a team ranking price will be given in that category.

If, therefore, in a certain category 3 riders of the same club are registered, then this club makes it possible to win the Team Ranking prize on the last day.

This will be drawn up on the basis of the position of the 3 best placed riders in the general classification, their end places are added up and whoever has the lowest number wins the Team Ranking prize. In case of points of equivalence, the team will be in the final ranking with the highest placed rider. In case of equality in the result, the place of the first rider of the team in the final stage is decisive for the classification, with a tie in the final stage of the riders concerned, then the time of their first rider in the count time trial.

If a team only starts with three riders, the three riders must also finish the race to qualify for the Team Ranking Price.

Teams who start with more than three riders must finish with a minimum of 3 riders to qualify for the Team Ranking Price.


Chapter 4 – Measures and sanctions


1) Violation with regard to reducing the number of the back is punished.

In the event of destruction, the damage will also be charged.


2) If the behavior of a holder, of whatever license, gives rise to this, the race management / jury is entitled to exclude them from the IBYT in any form of further participation and stay.


3) The participant who starts in a stage with a resistance that does not conform to the norms of his category, will be penalized for this.


4) Failure to be present on time or not at the ceremony can be punished.


5) Riders who leave one of the 3 games on their own initiative, or mechanical breakdown or medical reason, will be able to start the next day. They are not awarded points for the stage in which they left the competition. If the rider has to leave the race because of too big a draw or is doubled, he will be classified at the place where he was driving at the time and awarded points.


6) Other forms or above form of violations and violations of the cycling rules of Cycling Flanders, by a rider before, during or after a race, and this during the period of the IBYT, can be punished by the jury with exclusion from the race or the taking of earned points.


Chapter 5 – Price schedule


Daily prices per game

For the Aspirants honoring on the podium of the three first riders after every game.

For the Ladies U17 and Ladies U19 homage on the podium of the first three riders after each race, and also Cash prizes after each race according to barema Cycling Flanders.

The payout of the Ladies U17 and U19 is just after each game.

All uncollected prizes will expire to the organization.


Final classifications: Honoring of the three first riders in the points classification, the mountain classification, and the white jersey standings at the final stage after the last race on the last day of the IBYT.

Honoring of the team that wins the team ranking price in each category where at least 2 teams with at least 3 riders from the same team start.

Honoring the first 5 riders in the general classification of each category on the last day at the final stage of the IBYT.



Final provisions


In cases not covered by these rules, consultation will take place between the organization and the jury, and a decision will be made by the race commissioners.

The organization is in no way liable for accidents or damage to participants and third parties or their goods that arise from events. This applies before, during and after the event or parts thereof.



Alarm 112



Gasthuisberg Leuven

Sacred Heart Leuven